Friday, April 08, 2011

Hamas Scumbags Attack School Bus, World Media Yawns.

Hamas terrorists launched an anti-tank guided missile at an Israeli school bus. The missile critically injured the driver and a teenager. Luckily the bus was nearly empty when struck or it would have been much worse. They also fired multiple mortar rounds at Israel.

At the link above you'l see Honest Reporting notes on how the biased media reported on the event.

The Detroit News reported in a way to make the Israeli response have more emphasis and leaves it to the reader to guess who fired the missile strike:

Israel avenges attack on school bus

Jerusalem— An anti-tank missile fired from the Gaza Strip struck a school bus in southern Israel Thursday, wounding two people, one of them critically, prompting fierce Israeli retaliation that killed five Palestinians. Israel unleashed airstrikes and tank fire against Hamas targets across the border. It was the heaviest assault on the coastal territory since a broad military offensive two years ago. Besides the dead, more than 30 Palestinians were wounded.

Nice subtle bias there, and no mention of the over 50 mortar rounds fired by the Hamas scum either.

Considering it was an anti-tank guided missile, Hamas terrorists deliberately aimed at the school bus -- yes when you deliberately aim at a school bus carrying children you are a terrorist, period -- and admitted they did it.

You'll note that Islamic terrorists have quite a habit of attacking children.

Like the cowardly scum that they are, they like to attack those who can't fight back and those whom western society accords a high degree of value and protection. Solomonia has an interesting post on this phenomenon.

Hamas needs to learn that attacks on children have real consequences.

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