Thursday, March 11, 2010

Out of Contention for Mother of The Year.....

And the rest of the family isn't in the running for any awards either....

The Detroit News: Brawl erupts at sentencing of Detroit mom for murder

A courtroom melee injured deputies and resulted in four arrests today during the sentencing of a woman convicted of driving her son to a recreation center to shoot and kill another teen.

"Basically, a riot erupted," said Wayne County Circuit Judge Daniel Ryan.

Ryan said he had just sentenced Taranisha Davis, 35, at about 11:30 a.m. to serve 22 1/2 -40 years in prison for her conviction on murder charges when she attacked a deputy. Members of Davis's family quickly jumped over benches and railings into the well of the court to join the fight.
What kind of mom drives her fifteen-year old to his hit?
Ryan had already sentenced Davis's son, 15-year-old Tremaine Davis, to serve 10-25 years for shooting and killing Demitry Jackson. The 19-year-old was an innocent bystander who had come to the Considine Little Rock Family Center on Oct. 8 to play basketball.

Tremaine Davis had been punched in the face at a bus stop earlier and was driven by his mother back to the center to take revenge. Witnesses said he pulled a handgun from under the hood of his mother's minivan, after she released the hood latch inside the van.

Jackson hadn't been involved in the earlier incident....several Davis family members were being held in custody and may face charges of assault on a police officer and contempt of court.

The mom more than did the driving, she helped in the setup that killed a complete innocent - real people person material we got here? The rest of the family deserves some decent prison time for jumping in, one hopes they don't fall down the stairs while being escorted by Wayne County Deputies...

Attacking the deputies at her sentencing probably isn't going to get her any time off for good behavior under Governor Granholm's new early release plan, but you never know.


Murphy's Law said...

Isn't that Monica Conyers?

Aaron said...

Nah, she's busy being sentenced and acting out in Federal Court.