Friday, March 19, 2010

New Detroit City Council Marks Progress By Honoring a Cop-Killer

Meet the new City of Detroit Council, same bad leftist craziness as the old City of Detroit Council.

The Detroit News: Blast from Detroit City Council's past

Detroit's new City Council members haven't shaken off all of the peculiarities of the old body, which was notorious for weighing in on the side of leftists on national and international issues that had no relevance to Detroit.

Last week, the New Jersey Former Troopers Association sent a scathing letter to President Charles Pugh denouncing a resolution the council passed honoring the 60th birthday of Assata Shakur. Who is Assata Shakur and why was she recognized by Detroit's leaders?

She is the convicted murderer of New Jersey Trooper Werner Foerster and was in a New Jersey women's prison before escaping and fleeing to Cuba, where she was granted asylum by the communist regime.

As to why the Detroit City Council would feel kinship with a convict who gunned down another state's trooper during a routine traffic stop, better ask Pugh.
The interesting part is that this cop killer and current waste of Cuban living space is not even from Detroit. Assata Shakur/JoAnne Deborah Byron lived in New York and did most of her crimes in New York state and New Jersey with no record in Detroit.

So the Detroit City Council, with a myriad of problems confronting it including needing to address the City's crime rate, a lack of city services, and a city that still hasn't recovered from the riots of the 60s, and of course, the Council's own ongoing corruption scandal, takes the time out to celebrate a 70's-era radical Black-power cop-killer.

Pathetic. Not unexpected given the makeup of the Council, but pathetic all the same.


Scott said...

Whiskey - Tango - Foxtrot, over.

Murphy's Law said...

These people are finding more and more ways to piss the decent people of America off.

What's next--naming a bridge after Kwame or Monica? How about renaming Jefferon Ave after Malice Green?

Damned third-worlders...