Monday, March 01, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things

So as I'm getting ready for work this morning and the kids are discussing how they can't share Abby's new (and only) lip gloss:

Abby (6 years old): And we especially can't share my lip gloss.

Leah: (3 Years) Why?

Abby: Cause I have a . . .(pointing to a cut on her lip), I can't remember what its called.

Leah (helpfully): a heart attack?

Abby: No, heart attacks only happen to old people, I'm not old, and my left arm feels fine and my chest is not hurting so its not a heart attack.

Leah: Oh, okay.

Some days you don't want to leave home because you really want to hear what will come next....

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Murphy's Law said...

This kids slay me...I love 'em! You and Tash are truly blessed.