Monday, March 15, 2010

So much for the "Robber will just take your gun away" canard

Instead its often the opposite:

The Detroit Free Press: Party store customer swipes masked man's gun, kills him

Three men were robbing the Super Y party store at the corner of Middlebelt and Ecorse roads at 9:30 p.m. Saturday when the customer, 37, and his fiancee, 35, both from Highland Park, walked in, Romulus Police Chief Michael St. Andre said.

The couple made a random stop at the store as the robbery was taking place, St. Andre said.

“They were ambushed and the female was ordered to the ground at gunpoint,” St. Andre said. “He began pleading with the suspect not to shoot her.”

Instead, one gunman pointed his weapon at the man, who grabbed it. They struggled, and the witness shot the gunman twice, according to investigators. The gunman then stumbled out the front door, collapsed and died, St. Andre said.
So much for the old canard that you shouldn't have a gun the bad guy will just take it from you. Instead, the bad guy got his taken from him.

Excellently and bravely done on the part of the quite heroic unnamed customer.

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