Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Troubles And Worries About American Jihadis At Home And Abroad

First we have Jihad Jane herself, plotting to kill a Swedish Artist for the mere offense of drawing a cartoon that was insulting to Muslims. From The Detroit News: 'Jihad Jane' shows changing threat
U.S. suspect was recruited by overseas terrorists, officials say

The self-dubbed "Jihad Jane" who thought her blond, all-American profile would help mask her plan to kill a Swedish cartoonist is a rare case of a U.S. woman inciting foreign terrorism and shows the latest evolution of the global threat, authorities say.

The suburban Philadelphia woman, Colleen R. LaRose, was accused in Tuesday's indictment of trying to recruit jihadist fighters, and pledging to murder the artist, marry a terrorism suspect so he could move to Europe and martyr herself if necessary.
Sounds like a real winner here. Let me guess, the handsome foreigner swept this loser with poor self esteem off her feet on the internet and got her on the heady path to jihad and Islam along with a nice hijab for just the right look.

Then we have an America Jihadi in Yemen

The Detroit News: Yemen holds NJ man after al-Qaida sweep, shootout
Abdel-Hadi Shehata, imam of the Islamic Society of Delaware, said Mobley used to live one floor below him in an aging apartment complex in Newark and occasionally visited the society's Newark mosque to pray. Shehata said Mobley, who had a wife and young daughter, moved to Yemen about two years ago.

"I think to learn Arabic or something like that ... and to learn more about the religion Islam," he said.
And apparently he did.

He was raised in New Jersey, where he was on the high school wrestling team and earned a black belt in karate. Nearly a decade later, Sharif Mobley is a former nuclear plant worker under arrest in Yemen, suspected of being an al-Qaida member and accused of killing a guard in an attempt to break out of a hospital.

While some acquaintances were startled by the news out of the Middle East on Thursday, a former classmate said that Mobley had strong religious views in high school, often trying to convert friends to Islam, and became increasingly radical, especially after they graduated in 2002.
The radicalization of Americans is quite dangerous given that we won't ethnically profile or religiously profile, so American jihadis have an easier task at getting through the security systems currently in place.

Adding to the fun is that we're apparently allowing Somalis in the US to go to Somalia and fight on the terrorists' side. Anyone worried at all about the consequence of that?
Somali-Americans have become a particular concern to American security officials. Young Somali-American men have been traveling from the U.S. to fight jihad in Somalia, raising fears they are receiving terror training and returning to the U.S. ready to launch attacks.

Americans are valuable to terrorist groups, in part because they can travel easily, without arousing much suspicion.
Adding to the fun is that Mobley is one of these Somali-American jihadis who just happened to turn up in Yemen and kill some people while hanging with Al Qaeda and learning about Islam. Unfortunately for Mobley he has a whole lot less constitutional protections while doing the jihad in Yemen than Jihad Jane, safely charged in the US. In both cases, let's hope someone is paying attention to the recruitment of Americans to the War on America and lesser included infidels.

Update (3/15/10): Apparently I was prescient and pretty close to the mark with my comment that "Let me guess, the handsome foreigner swept this loser with poor self esteem off her feet on the Internet and got her on the heady path to jihad and Islam " regarding Jihad Jane:
Mother of 'Jihad Jamie' Describes Daughter as 'Lonely and Insecure'
Mott said Paulin-Ramirez, who fled the country with her six-year-old son, was "lonely and wanted to get someone to love her."

"Jamie is not an evil person," Mott said in an interview Monday with Fox News. "She was sucked into something that she had no idea what she was getting herself into."

Mott blamed her daughter's Algerian husband for her alleged involvement in the plot, saying the man embraced radical views that did not represent Islam.
Nice to see I called it right, but apparently it was her Algerian husband with a yet oh-so-common "misunderstanding" of Islam that pushed her onto the path of being a little jihadi...

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