Friday, February 05, 2010

Conyers demands Relief Mission Chief Fired And African Americans Be Sent To Haiti

As reported by The Detroit Free Press and comented on by the blogprof: John Conyers (D) Wants Haiti Relief Official Demoted Because They Have Too Many White People On Staff.

Yes, really. You can't make this up. Notice how he doesn't say Haitian Americans, just not enough African Americans.

Perhaps it's because he's concerned that there are insufficient African Americans on staff who could identify with Haiti's run-of-the-mill, everyday corruption.

After all we could have for example sent his wife Monica Conyers found guilty of bribery, her aide Sam Riddle, being tried for bribery, Kwame Kilpatrick - some perjury and corruption costing the City of Detroit millions. Perhaps Charle Pugh should also be sent to help enhance nepotism, or Jewel Ware, resigning from Wayne County Council after hiring felons and phantom staffers paid for not working.

Yeesh, lets just send them all the Detroit politicos to Haiti to show them how corruption is really done.

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Murphy's Law said...

You forgot the recently departed Kay Everett and the queen of corruption, Barbara Rose-Collins. Might as well send the whole way, of course.