Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Few Inches Of Global Warming In Michigan Fell

Quite a nice snowstorm hit us here in south east Michigan, building up gradually from a slow and steady sprinkle starting yesterday around 9 am picking up heavily by 9 pm and continuing all night. So much so that after shoveling the driveway clear at 7pm so Natasha could make it back, I couldn't see the driveway anymore at midnight and it was as if I never shoveled. Not as bad as what hit the mid-Atlantic states but then again our legislators are proportionally less damaging than the national ones so fair is fair.

The way home after work was reasonably clear, only messed up by a twit in a Benz that on the one lane road homeward had to go 5 mph and stack up the entire street behind him. It was impressive to watch - from a clear, smoothly moving street to a dead crawl with traffic well and truly backed up thanks to one moron, nicely done.

So we're kinda snowed in here today. Luckily enough or through decent foresight we have all the necessities for making French Toast, which is apparently traditional for a snow day. So French Toast we shall have. We also have abundant supplies of coffee and all the ingredients for real hot chocolate so life is good.

Schools are closed, I brought my work home yesterday so I shall enjoy tele-internet-lawyering and do all my work without seeing the inside of my office for a day. No one is getting off our street, though it is entertaining to watch them spin out trying. With this snow encrusted hill, no one is going anywhere for the remains of the day or until a plow comes through, whichever doesn't arrive first.

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Scott said...

I blew 4 or 5 inches off my driveway last night, and another 4 inches this morning at 6:30. They were predicting 8-10, so I guess they were pretty close.

Brought in a days worth of firewood last night, too, so everyone will be nice and cozy today.

The University, of course, does not close for such pitiful amounts of snow.