Sunday, February 14, 2010

VP Biden Getting Second String Drivers Or Just A Ploy To Nationalize The Auto Insurance Industry?

Gaffe-prone Vice President Joe Biden also seems to have quite the accident prone motorcade: Fox News: Biden's Motorcade Involved in Vancouver Accident Injuring Two

Biden's motorcade is racking up quite the score: Huffington Post: Joe Biden's Security Detail In Car Crash In New York (dated Nov 17 09)-
This is the third car accident involving Biden's motorcade or security detail in less than a week. On November 11th, a pedestrian was struck and killed by two Secret Service employees in Temple Hills, MD. In another incident yesterday, a sheriff's deputy was hit by a car while escorting Biden's motorcade in New Mexico.
Transporting Biden seems to be a risk factor far greater than using a cell phone while driving, and likely could count as operating while impaired.

After essentially nationalizing the US car industry, if Joe Biden's drivers keep this up, Obama's going to have to nationalize the US Auto Insurance industry to cover the losses.

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