Thursday, February 04, 2010

Granholm's Last Minute Quest For Reform Not Fooling Anyone

Interesting headline from the Detroit Free Press opinion section:
Will Granholm seize renewable power?

Answer - No, thankfully she's term limited, so no renewable power for her.

In summoning up the Granholm legacy, its hard to choose between "Blown Away" or "Fiddling as Michigan burns until the last minute" - Granholm's last chance to retool Michigan

Late doesn't adequately describe the significant state budget reforms she outlined during her eighth and final State of the State address last night in Lansing; they're more accurately pegged as eleventh-hour.
No kidding, finally accepting the need for reform in the last year of her second term-limited term.

To be charitable, one could suppose that Granholm simply didn't have the capability to buck the leftist ideologue Democrat and Unionist stranglehold on the Michigan Democratic party and maybe now she feels she has nothing to lose so can move ahead and get things done. She's pretty smart so perhaps that's why shes moving now. or is it simply a last minute shot at trying to save her reputation from oblivion as an ineffective governor watching as this once-great state collapses?

The blogprof noted the GOP was quick to sum up Granholm's failings to address real reform and deal with Michigan's problems throughout her governorship and now her sudden quest to come up with reforms.

To put it simply: As long as the GOP doesn't totally screw it up, 2010 is going to be a Republican year both in Michigan and across the USA as people have certainly had enough of the Democrats anti-free-market politics of misery.

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