Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If Doctors Make the Worst Patients...

Then Lawyers Make the Worst Clients.

They do, they really, really do. Having one such situation now and it sucketh for a variety of reasons.

Also, Doctors tend to be difficult clients as they tend to be so busy, they never get back to you with vital information and leave you wondering if they really want to have a chance at winning their case or not.

Give me the tools and I'll do the job. Give me no support or facts to assist your case and it gets a lot harder to win for you.

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Expatriate Owl said...

My worst clients have been lawyers.

The legal education and training process conditions lawyers to (A) zealously advance and assert their position, regardless of how meritorious it may or may not be; (B) Tell everyone else how they should do their jobs, regardless of how much they know about the job; (C) when in doubt, interpose an objection, and then propound a rationale for the objection afterwards; and (D) Operate under the presumption that everyone else is your potential adversary, regardless of how well aligned their position seems with yours.

Thus, when you get a lawyer for a client, he or she has too much of a vested interest in the process to be able to view it objectively.

But the law of karma does dispense justice to the legal profession. The lawyer who handled the house closing for me and my wife told me that I was one of his more difficult clients.