Wednesday, February 03, 2010

She's Just A (Terrorist) Girl In The World

Foxnews: Innocent Mom or Would-Be Terrorist? Trial for Neuroscientist Nears End
Jurors heard a U.S.-trained Pakistani scientist portrayed Monday in closing arguments at her attempted murder trial as both a would-be terrorist determined to kill Americans and a fearful woman framed by the government.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher La Vigne cited testimony that Aafia Siddiqui had bomb-making instructions, documents referencing a "mass casualty attack" and a list of New York City landmarks including the Statue of Liberty when she was detained in Afghanistan in 2008.

Siddqui was carrying "a road map for destruction — documents about attacking the United States," he said in federal court in Manhattan.

During the two-week trial, FBI agents and U.S. soldiers testified that when they went to interrogate Siddiqui at an Afghan police station, she snatched up an unattended assault rifle and shot at them while yelling, "Death to Americans." She was wounded by return fire but recovered and was brought to the United States to face charges.
Given her and her supporters' actions in court, my bet isn't on the poor little innocent that just happened to wander into Afghanistan -via Solomonia and Michelle Malkin:
The Pakistani government is paying for part of her defense. She has used the civilian court system to shout anti-American propaganda and spew hatred against Jews, cause legal chaos, and make a mockery of the rights she has been granted. al Qaeda has been trained to game the system. The Western-educated Siddiqui is milking it for all it’s worth.

On Monday, she was thrown out twice for outburts. Her defense team is now asking for, you guessed it, a mistrial....Two jurors were also let go after a man sitting in the courtroom pointed at them, used his finger as a gun to pretend to shoot them, and mouthed an obscenity.
Read all of Michelle's Malkin's account of the trial antics and given her behavior it is pretty clear she's not some poor little innocent but rather an Al Qaeda player.

The trial shows once again the wrongness of the Obama Law-Enforcement view of this war. Indeed, Al Sidiqui does not appear to have been charged (see the complaint against her here) with using a machine gun to commit a crime of violence as the Blackwater Guards were charged? Why not? It certainly seems like a missed opportunity and to overcharge stretch a statute as far as possible and at least in the direction of someone who deserves it an is rather inconsistent with the riddiculous stretching of the statute towards the Blackwater employees. Terorrists get undercharged, Americans get the book creatively thrown at them, doesn't seem fair somehow.

Just wait for the 9/11 conspirator trial to see this bit of Obama misjudgment and Al Qaeda lawfare in full bloom (or is that full boom?).

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