Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Other's Flat Tires And Empty Heads In Rush Hour

So this morning in rush hour a few flakes of snow were falling. Nothing heavy but it was starting to leave its mark on the roads, but there was no perceptible slippage, at least not yet, we're due for a few inches of road wreckage today.

Traffic was moving nicely. Note the "was".

Until, on geting on a long one lane road a Ford Explorer turns onto it in front of the van that was ahead of me, and traffic starts slowing for no perceptible reason. Traffic starts backing up behind me.

In looking there is no traffic ahead of the Explorer, all the cars in fromnt of it are well and truly out of sight, yet it is running 15 mph in a 45 mph zone. The van finally gets annoyed and passes it in a passing zone, I then have to wait and then pass when its clear in the next passing zone myself as yep, not the van's fault its the explorer driving very slow with not a car in front of it in sight. Why?

There's a woman driving it and the rear left tire is flatter than a pancake. She's merrily driving along at 15 mph, blocking traffic and likely messing up her wheel. She's been obliviously driving for well over a mile with her tire in that condition and sees no point in stopping. There's plenty of side streets for her to pull into and wait for triple A if she can't change her own tire but that would require some thought.

Luckily, I got around before the traffic entered a heavy traffic zone again, and looking back there's a whole line of cars crawling along behind her probably wondering what's the hold up.

Amazing how one oblivious and inconsiderate person can wreck the flow of traffic for everyone, not to mention she's doing herself no favors riding on her rim.

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