Thursday, February 19, 2004

New York Times Praises Al-Jazeera

The New York Times, that well-known bastion of objectivity and ethics, now praises (uncritically and with a straight face no less) Al Jazeera as providing "Balanced Coverage".

The New York Times in its flattering puff-piece fails to mention that:

-Al Jazeera journalists actively supported anti-American forces in Iraq

-Al Jazeera's Website has ran antisemitic articles approvingly quoting Holocaust deniers

-Al Jazeera's Website is a Pro-Palestinian and biased look at the middle east and lauds suicide bomers as "self-sacrificing fighters" (How's that for the euphemism of the day?)

-Al Jazeera regularly runs anti-western coverage.

Interestingly the fawning NYT article also reports that Al Jazeera plans "Al Jazeera for kids." I can just imagine the first feature show: How to be a fair and balanced Suicide Bomber. Nice to see that investigative and objective journalism is still a lost art at the Times.

Hat tip and go forth and subscriber to it for more information: Honest Reporting.

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