Monday, February 02, 2004

Arafat's Useless Idiots

Peace group united in desire to stop U.S. aid to Israel: Members of the group Jewish Witnesses For Peace and Friends acknowledge they're fighting an unpopular battle. Unpopular, how about acknowledging its battle is moronic, if not just idiotarian?

"Made up of a dozen or so Oakland County and Ann Arbor residents, the group is united by common political beliefs and weekly demonstrations in front of three prominent synagogues in Ann Arbor. Ah, a group with widespread popular support...all of a dozen or so idiots. Ok, it is Ann Arbor and such left-wing idiocy is to be expected, but shame oin the Oakland Press for giving it front page treatment in its paper. Hell you can find more than a dozen people in Ann Arnbor that want Congress to ban Dihydrous Oxide!

Now for a lovely idiotarian quote: If somebody built a wall in my backyard and I had to apply for a permit to get from my front yard to my back yard, I'd be upset," said Nolin. . Well my dear morally challenged Ara-drone, maybe you should refocus and be upset that those you're supporting have continually committed and attempted to commit suicide attacks against innocent civillians, and as a result the Israeli, like any government would, has moved to protect its civillians from your dear friends. The wall is a response to the terrorist attacks, not a cause. The security fence is working by reducing the number of attacks that get thorough. Too bad if the terrorists and their enablers are upset that its going to be harder for them to attack innocents and they are inconvenienced. They had plenty of opportunities for peace and they have rejected all of them.

A pity my dear Ara-drone that you fail to condemne these attacks and instead try and castigate Israel, the victim, rather than blame the attackers. If there were no suicide attacks, heck if they were any Arabs in the territories in positions of leadership who were really serious about peace, the security fence would be uncessary.

In short, you're not even good enough to rank as one of Lenin's Useful Idiots, you and your Ara-dozen are thereby relegated to the term Useless Idiots. Keep on dreaming in peaceful Ann Arbor, where you ahve no worries about a suicide attack against you. Better yet, please refocus your energies and join with others in Ann Arbor who seek to ban Dihydrous Oxide, and leave the Middle East to those with a clue.

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