Monday, February 02, 2004

MI Attorney General Appeals Wine sale decision to the Supreme Court

Seeking to uphold Michigan's ban on internet, catalog and mail-order wine sales, the Attorney general is appealing a decision of the Sixth Circuit Court that such a ban is unconstitutional AS it is in violation of the Commerce Clause, as reported in The Detroit News in an Article ALCOHOL AND THE CONSUMER: Wine buyers see red over law.

The strongest argument in favor of the current law is the 21st amendment, of course the most emoptional argument is that its "for the children" to stop them from purchasing alcohol online. Amazingly, most states allow such online sales and there have been no reports of masses of minors becoming shicker from online sales.

The current law restricts competition and consumer choice, and why should we ban adults from a beneficial activity and health (finding wine, beer and spirits that suit their interests and tastes - also a glass of red wine per day is supposedly good for you) just because some kid might use mommy's credit card to buy alcohol online. The argument doesn't wash as most dcarriers require an adult signature for delivery of alcohol and if a kid can't find someone to go to the corner store and buy him a six-pack, he's not going to be smart enough to order alcohol online sucessfully either.

Hopefully the Supreme Court either refuses to hear the case or overrules this vintage law.

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