Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Jordan Complains about Israeli Security Fence

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (prior to 1948 known as Transjordan), that well known upholder of Human Rights is testifying at the World Court complaining about Israel's security fence.

Al Hussein (Head of the Jordanian delegation) called the suicide bombings "horrific." But he also said they must be seen in the context of Israel's four-decade occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, which he called "dominating . . . and degrading" to Palestinians.

Instead of course, he advised that Israel to deal with the Palestinian Arabs as Jordan had in 1970-1971 when it went to war with the PLO on its territory, put down their uprising with a vengeance and drove them out of Jordan, killing at a minimum 2000 of the Palestinian Arabs. No he didn't really testify to that effect. Maybe he instead advised the court that Israel should not build the security fence and instead deal with the territory as Jordan had when it occupied the West Bank area from 1948-1967 - by annexing the territory to Jordan.

Ok he didn't testify to that effect either, but a little honesty in his testimony would have been refreshing.

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