Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Coin of the Week - A Sela of The Bar Kochba Revolt

Continuing with the Temple Theme of my last post, here's an appropriate coin:

This is a Silver Tetradrachm or in Hebrew a Sela of Year Two of the Bar Kochba War 132-135 C.E., Struck in 133/34 C.E.

On the Obverse: Facade of the Temple in Jerusalem (yes, upon the Temple Mount, take that Waqf!) with ark and scrolls viewed from end in center; on two sides 'Jerusalem.'
On the Reverse: Lulav with etrog at left; Hebrew around 'Year two of the freedom of Israel.'

This coin is in Extremely Fine condition and is for sale at Amphora Coins for $4,800.00. Not an inexpensive coin by any means, but one of outstanding historical significance and rarity. The coin is yet one more item of proof of a Jewish presence in jerusalem and upon the Temple Mount.

Now I of course will not object if someone hits the Amazon Tip Box on my site and contributes so I can save up to buy and preserve this wonderful coin.

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