Thursday, February 26, 2004

John Kerry and Adbusters

Perhaps Adbuster's editor Kalle Lasn's antisemitic screed and advocation of terrorism in Adbusters may become a campaign issue.

What does John Kerry have to do with Adbusters you may ask and why might it become a campaign issue? The Answer is simple - his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry - and her donations in support of left-wing causes.

As noted in Front Pages article: Teresa Heinz Kerry: Bag Lady for the Radical Left, Teresa Heinz has given over $4 million dollars to the Tides Foundation.

One of the many leftist recipients of the Tides Foundation's largesse as can be seen in their 2002 report is Adbusters. Of course an anti-capitalist, anti-semite magazine cannot generate enough revenue to support itself, it needs the largess of the Left, to the tune of $81,753.00 in one year alone (they have received similar sized grants in many other years).

Thus Kerry's wife, through the Tides foundation is directly supporting a magazine advocating terrorism and anti-semitism.

One may only hope that someone will ask John Kerry if he supports this charitable giving and the causes to which it is being funelled.

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