Thursday, February 05, 2004

Michigan Dem establishment backs Kerry

Not Surprisingly, since her husband is the coordinator of the Kerry campaign, Michigan's governor has endorsed Kerry for the Dem nomination. In addition both of Michigan's senators, Levin, Stabenow back Kerry.

So it seems that Kerry is now The Michigan Dem establishment's candidate. The polls likewise put Kerry far out in the lead with 56% of likely voters with Dean in second with only 9%.

It looks like other candidates have, looking at this commanding lead decided not to fight as hard in Michigan, which is a shame. The Michigan dems have a habit of backing a flamboyant, in-your-face type of candidate, and Dean would likely appeal to many, especially the Ann Arbor Dem set. After all, The Dems in the previous gubernatorial race backed Trial lawyer Geoffrey Fieger who was the definition of in-your-face against John Engler (Fieger lost).

You may ask why then isn't there a greater support for Fieger's fellow trial lawyer John Edwards? Because Fieger had - and has - flamboyance, style, panache, and Edwards comes across as a wet noodle.

I would think that Dean should try harder in Michgian, given the left-set in Ann Arbor and elsewhere. His effort would at least make the primary interesting to watch rather than it being a foregone conclusion of the appointment of the new Dem establishment candidate.

What happened to "and Michigan" Yeaaarrgh?

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