Monday, February 09, 2004

Blacks in Michigan disenfranchised by the Democratic at?

First Florida (a butterfly ballot drafted by a Democrat) and now the Michigan Democrat caucus, oh, the shame of it.

Reported in the Sunday oakland Press, but apparently not available online was a story that many Detroit Blacks were disenfranchised and unable to vote due to the machinations or incompetencies (you pick which one) of the Democrats.

Polling places had their locations changed to prevent these democrats from voting as they couldn't find the new locations. There is even talk of various Black groups filing a lawsuit to overturn this primary election and rehold it due to the widespread disenfranchisement that took place.

On searching the web, this story is buried in an article in the Detroit News:

The state Democratic Party had posted the caucus sites on its Web page and mailed Democratic voters a list of caucus sites statewide, but that list wasn't accurate on Saturday. Brewer denied accusations from the state directors of Howard Dean and John Edwards' campaigns that the problems were disenfranchising presidential caucus voters.

"You're talking about 1 to 2 percent of 600 caucus sites (being moved) around the state," Brewer said. "Nobody's disenfranchised. ... I think this is much ado about nothing on the part of the Dean campaign."

Edwards state director Derek Albert, however, said most of the moved sites were affecting minority voters and were robbing them of their right to vote.

"This is worse than in the '60s," said Albert, who also is chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party Black Caucus. "This is horrible. This election needs to be stopped. Because this is not right."

Why this story of how the Democrats seem to have disenfranchised many Black eligible voters, and "robbed" them of their right to vote is not frontpage news across the state, if not the nation is beyond this pundit. I'm shocked, simply shocked that there is no great moral outrage against the Democrats preventing minorities from voting.

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