Wednesday, October 10, 2018

If At First Your Tweet Doesn't Evoke That You're Woke, Claim It's Just A Joke

So a progressive writer for the Colbert Report by the name of Ariel Dumas (apparently now to be pronounced dumb-ass) decided to post that she was at least glad that Justice Kavanaugh's reputation was ruined in the slime fest against him:

Not she said "we", that she and her media buddies had a hand in it, which of course she did.

The unfounded and not credible, and factually inconsistent accusations were hurled at him at the last minute to derail or at least delay his nomination. They now seem to be rapidly fading off to "oh, never-mind" territory now that he's been confirmed, and one would think if they were true such allegations would have continued to be pursued and investigated but the accusers now are recanting or deciding not to move any further forward with their claims, it certainly looks like a put-up job just to stop his nomination and for no other purpose.

The downside of course is that in the name of partisan politics, a man who is by all reports and every measure a boy scout has had his reputation smeared, his family threatened and his honor besmirched. The proggies while sad at being unable to stop his nomination by hook or by crook, seem content to have set the smear as well as the warning to anyone in the future that if they get nominated for a position as a Republican they can expect this sort of unverifiable and ill-defined accusations to happen to them.

And thus, a happy tweet that the aim of ruining his life had been achieved was sent out as a triumphant statement.

Making such tweets virtue signals to their tribe that the person is a brave outspoken individual who is very woke.

But, instead of receiving the expected accolades on how brave she is, she apparently got some very appropriate flack for it, she did the standard backpedal of claiming it was all a joke.

Since she's a writer for the Colbert Show it does rather fit the pattern well - throw a partisan bomb out there and if it fizzles then just walk it back claiming it's all just a joke, man. It fits the overall pattern of the media and those who work within it being a tool of Democrat and Progressive party politics.

Anyone actually believe she was joking rather than emoting?


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

If she is a writer for the Colbert show, then that is all that needs to be said especially since I consider colbert to be a political hack and not a comedian. The Internet is forever and you can't hide anything, bur since she is a proggie, she will get sheltered by the others.

B said...

"Anyone actually believe she was joking rather than emoting?"

Does it really matter? Making such a statement, no matter why, is beyond the pale.