Thursday, October 18, 2018

New Orleans: Apres Swamp Kayak Perambulation

After the visit to the swamp on Sunday we headed off to a nice Vietnamese restaurant nearby for some lunch.

Then after a power nap, we loaded up Murph's Kayak and headed to Bayou St John to go kayaking. I rented a kayak form the vendor there and it was a very smooth transaction.

Running through the city, the Bayou offers a very calming and quiet water experience.

We did a limbo under the first bridge as the water level was pretty high, but from then on it was pretty smooth paddling.

The we carried on up the bayou, passing by some very nice waterfront houses, including some still abandoned since Katrina.

We passed under a bridge where some fellows were fishing for crabs by hanging traps and lines from the bridge.

Then as dusk approached we realized we were about an hour out with 45 minutes remaining in the rental, so we picked up the pace a it.

We made it back with time to spare, beating out some other kayakers that had bene in front of us and returnign the kayak on time.

A darn good time was had, and it was a nice change of pace from the bar-hopping and burlesque shows. Of course, we had to head out for some food and celebratory drinks afterwards.

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