Monday, October 22, 2018

New Orleans Airshow - Infantry Assault

Not only were there airplanes and vehicles on display, there were also reenactors that put on a show.

A bunch dressed in Marine period uniforms staged an attack on an enemy hay bale strongpoint.

The highlight of the infantry assault was the flame thrower demo. An Amerikaner Flamen Werfer, it werfed a whole lot of flammen.

It lit up the enemy hay bales nicely and completely. Even from quite a distance away, you could feel the heat it gave off. Very impressive.

After the demo, one of the airport fire trucks came and spent quite a time and a considerable amount of spray putting the fire out.

That was a neat display of World War 2 weaponry.


drjim said...

One of the things I really enjoyed about going to "Old Fort MacArthur Days" in San Pedro were the reenactors. They also had live firing of all manner of weapons, from Ye Olde Hande Cannons to 75mm anti-tank guns.

Quite impressive to see a 10 pounder light off!

Aaron said...

drjim: That must have been quite cool.