Thursday, October 18, 2018

New Orleans Airshow - FIFI

A real crowd-pleaser was at the airshow.

Fifi the B29.

Not content to be static, FiFi's engines were turned over and she took to the sky.

Then back for a landing:

Note the very nose-high attitude on landing to protect the front gear, and check out the skid on the rear to protect the tail from a tail strike.

As she landed, you got a nice idea of her size as she rolled by an 8 seat Cessna 421C.

The presence of a flying B-29 is something to behold. She had a glorious sound and impressive size, watching Fifi fly is experiencing living history at its best.


drjim said...

I donate to the CAF every year specifically for Fifi.

And I donated to "Doc's Friends" so they could get Doc flying again.

Still haven't seen one fly. Probably time to add it to my bucket list.

John said...

Fifi was at Philly's Northeast Airport a while back, I had a front row seat for the engine start and takeoff and it was awesome.

Old NFO said...

Yes, they ARE impressive beasts!