Friday, February 23, 2018

Yes, Trying To Buy Little Pieces Of Metal Can Get You A Felony, Stupid.

In this case a reality show star just got a sharp burst of reality.

If you're in a TL,DR kind of mood it boils down to this: If perchance you want to hire a machinist to make some NFA items for you, don't.

The Detroit News: Reality show star from Mich. charged with gun crimes.

Apparently he is/was a star in Meet The Putmans, and yeah I hadn't heard of the show either until now.

The case against Putman dates to November. That’s when he entered a machine shop in nearby Elkton and asked the owner to duplicate a metal part, according to federal court records.

The owner was suspicious that the metal item was a firearm component. Putman asked to have 10 copies of the part produced and the owner quoted an $800 price, according to Stephen Ross, special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Later, the owner learned that the part was similar to a component used to convert an AR-15 into a fully automatic assault rifle.

The owner contacted ATF agents after Putman left the shop.

It sounds like Putman tried to get the guy to manufacture a Drop In Auto Sear or a Lightning Link. Either of which, combined with other required parts, can convert an AR-15 into a full auto firearm covered under the National Firearms Act.

Possession of an unregistered DIAS or Lightning Link comes complete with a 10-year felony for possession of such when you're caught, as Putman is finding out to his dismay.

So, don't violate NFA laws, and don't involve others in your attempt to violate NFA laws.

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