Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Top Secret Security - You're Doing It Wrong

Some people lose their socks, other people lose top secret documents.

The Independent: Senior counter-terrorism officer faces dismissal for losing top-secret documents

So the poor fellow now stands to lose his £215,000 (that's $298,875.80 in US Dollars) pension, all because he left these top secret documents locked in a briefcase in the trunk of his car.

Security Personnel in the UK do have a nasty habit of leaving classified data in their cars to be stolen. Lots of examples there - basically never leave a computer with sensitive data in your car.

Now, he clearly went about this all wrong.

Instead of leaving the documents in the boot of his car, had he just been extremely careless and put them on an insecure home server for all to see, he would have been fine and walked with no penalties.

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