Tuesday, February 06, 2018

And That Is Why You Fail . . . . . Another Luckless Legal Tale

So I receive a referral for a fellow with a pending probation violation hearing for substance abuse issues. That's right kids, doing illegal drugs has consequences, so don't do them, ok?

I talk with him via phone and he of course states the violation is just a misunderstanding (it always it, isn't it?) and what he describes is actually a probable occurrence, and easily resolved assuming he's telling the truth, which is always a big assumption.

But, as the milk of human kindness is running through my veins I give him the benefit of the doubt.

I quote an extremely reasonable retainer for the matter and agree, again as I am a kind person, to meet him after hours as he is working and he agrees to meet me at 5:30 the next day.

The next day the time strikes five and a half hours and he is nowhere to be found. I wait a bit doing other stuff and it's 6:00 and he's still not here. I call and get his voicemail.

He calls back and claims he's on his way just stuck in traffic and could I see him at 6:30. He claims he's already coming with the documents and the retainer amount. I'm kinda doubting this, as the route from where he says he works to my office isn't that far even with rush hour traffic.

At this point its already 6, so it's a bit of a sunk cost so I agree.

6:30 rolls around and of course he's not here. The milk of human kindness is kinda starting to curdle at this point.

I call him again and get his voicemail. I stuck around until after 7:00 and again get his voicemail, and indicate I'm not waiting around anymore.

He calls back the next day leaving a voicemail that he had to go to an AA meeting the night before. So basically he was lying to me the whole time about coming over. I leave him a voicemail in response that I won't be representing him.

In short, I won't be representing him at his hearing. Maybe he'll have a better chance lying to the court than to me, more likely he'll hose himself nicely.


Paul said...

I watch 'Cops' and 'The First 48' often and I shake my head at how, uh, stupid and dishonest some people are.

Nuke Road Warrior said...

Cliche, but still true: "Never lie to your Lawyer or Doctor."

Comrade Misfit said...

Or, for that matter, try to cheat your lawyer.

I sat through some of the criminal docket this morning, waiting for my juvie case to be called. It just amazes me that people on probation can't figure out that they need to get a job, any kind of job (or prove they're really trying to find one), and show up to meet with their probation officer. Not exactly difficult to do.

But they fail and they get send to prison for five, seven or fourteen years.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Man, some people don't know when to quit when they are behind. Ifhe was forthright with you from the word "go" you would have accommodated him but he played fast and loose and got hosed.

Aaron said...

Paul: Yes people will unfortunately lie their tails off, and I've yet to find the limits of people's stupidity.

Nuke Warrior: Very true. Nothing kills your case faster than lying to your lawyer.

Comrade Misfit: Its so simple, and they just cannot do it or more likely simply will not do it.