Saturday, February 24, 2018

That Was A Lot Of Laughs

Just got back from tonight's date night.

Tash and I went out to Ann Arbor to catch Ron White live on his 2018 tour.

To say he was hilarious would be an understatement.

Certainly it is a show for mature audiences only, with a rather crude humor style with f-bombs and adult situations brought up throughout, but damn, it was hilarious.

I haven't laughed that hard non-stop for a long time.

Heckuva good show, all new material, very cool to see him live, and the show rocked.

I certainly needed the laughs and got 'em. If you get a chance to catch the show, it's well worth it.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

I saw the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" back in the last decade...Yeah I date myself...They all were excellent, My sides hurt from all the laughing and all of them played well off each other. I wouldn't mind seeing them again...Just have to find the time ;)

drjim said...

Yeah, they're all very funny guys! We've seen Bill Engvall several times, along with Jeff Foxworthy. I haven't seen Ron White, but I'd love to.