Sunday, February 04, 2018

One Country Becoming Two Disparate Realities

I'm getting more and more concerned that this country is dividing itself not just on arguments over opinion but on arguments and failing to agree with even basic facts.

For example the Democrats railed against releasing the memo claiming it would "reveal sources and methods" and would damage our intelligence community.

The memo actually does no such revealing, except to point out a rather shady transaction where the FBI relief upon a knowingly false dossier from a known biased source paid for by the DNC to get FISA warants to spy on the Trump campaign.

In short, go read it in full and decide for yourself.

Had Republicans done this to Democrats it would be declared worse than Watergate, and in reading the whole memo it sure makes Nixon look like a complete piker by comparison.

However, the Democrats after the release changed tack and instead of the memo being the greatest danger to the intelligence community evar, instead declared it a nothing-burger.

Who ya gonna believe, the Democrats or the Memo after you read it with your own lyin' eyes?

A further recent example:

I have an extremely progressive democrat acquaintance on Facebook who is constantly posting the Snowflake and other memes, consistently anit-Trump, anti-Republican, Bernie Sanders is the greatest, you know the type.

She went ahead and posted this one today:

Isn't the level of smug in that just weapons-grade? Wouldn't it hit you right in the feels for such callous treatment of an Army veteran?

Well, as you guessed, there's a bit more to the story.

The chosen poster boy for this example of Republican cold-hardheartedness and contempt for military veterans, Perez Jr, had a green card but stupidly failed to apply for citizenship.

But he isn't being deported for being an illegal, he's being deported for a felony conviction for trafficking in cocaine, and even before that had been discharged from the military after a drug offense.

Yep, Republicans don't care much about cocaine dealers, and a green card holder can be deported for crimes committed while holding a green card, big surprise there.

Forget about opinions, we can't even agree on a common set of facts to even begin to have a discussion. This does not bode well.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

I am concerned, before we had common threads of all of us are Americans, now we have a huge swath of the country that hates the word "American" and actively try to subvert the way of life.

Old NFO said...

Nope, both sides are burning bridges that the rest of us depend on... Anarchy is getting closer every day...