Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Blarg, Ug, That Was Not Fun

So over the weekend we managed to get about 12 inches of snow.

In between repeated shoveling of the driveway, I managed to come down with a bit of a flu, delivered by my favorite little disease vectors. Yep, I had caught the kids' crud.

Complete with a sore throat so I couldn't talk much, my head felt like it was a football that was being kicked repeatedly during the Superbowl along with a nice fever.

Finally I'm now mostly back to being myself compete with a voice and ability to function and comprehend stuff so all is now well enough aside from the sniffles.

The nice little fever in addition to the chills gave me a weird hallucination a couple days ago.

Tash had that morning kindly brought me a coffee to my sick bed in the basement. I distinctly remember the cup being the blue mug we have, and vividly remember drinking some of the coffee from the blue mug but not all of it and putting it down beside the bed before passing out yet again.

At some point I must have gotten up and moved around the upstairs which I had no recall of doing - at all. In the basement I woke up and realized the mug had completely disappeared.

I wandered all around first in the basement and then around the rest of the house looking for it and it was nowhere to be found. Very fixated on it I was, in the way only those with a fever can be. Needless to say, I did not find it which was very strange, especially as I really wanted coffee at that moment.

Well, apparently the mug had never been blue to begin with but was the dark orange mug. The mug had somehow not ust changed color but had migrated upstairs to the kitchen table. I have no idea how or when it moved from the basement to the kitchen table as I don't recall ever going upstairs, but I must have done so at some point.

So, I had been apparently searching for the wrong color mug the entire time completely convinced that it was the blue one I was looking for and that the orange one had to have been Tash's mug. The blue mug was later found clean and behind all the other mugs in the cupboard and had not been used at all.

That was a strange fever all right.

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