Tuesday, November 07, 2017

What No Call For T-Dog To Go Vote?

Detroit is on the cusp of another mayoral election. It's a choice of sticking with competent progress and rebirth or regressing to the bad ol' racially-charged days of yore that led to the city's collapse.

On one side there's the current Mayor Mike Duggan who, for all his association with the MacNamara Democrat machine in Wayne County politics, is at least quite competent and has done some very good things for Detroit, including hiring and backing Police Chief Craig.

On the other side of this Democrat-on-Democrat election (Republicans need not apply to run for mayor in Detroit) is Coleman Snow, sorry, Coleman Young Junior (nee Joel Loving), who is basically an actual bastard in the Game of Thrones illegitimate sense trading on his father's name (which does seem to be working and drawing support) and little else.

Coleman's use of the race card is so frequent it has got to be burning a hole in his pocket.

Some choice statements include:

Young said, “It's time to take back the motherland for the people.”
Yes, really as well as claims of apartheid and invoking the memory of Malice Green of all people.

Basically he's running a pure hard left racial campaign hitting all the doctrinal high points.

Except for excessive use of the race card fun and pandering to the lowest common denominator, with ideas such as ordering the police to ignore drivers without insurance and not be permitted to ask for proof of insurance, Coleman is not offering much but the same old, same old, trading on his father's name and some racial animosity.

On this election day we got the following exhortation from him, an exhortation to vote that you don't typically get in a mayoral race:

He also encouraged Detroiters to get out and vote Tuesday.

“Vote Coleman Young,” he said. “Take Ray-Ray, take Pookie, take all them out to the polls and make sure they vote and they vote for Coleman Young.”

Seriously, how did he forget T-Dog? T-Dog be angry that he be disrespected by not being invited by name, ya know?

Hopefully, Detroit voters will not fall for the race-baiting Coleman Young Jr and take a giant leap backwards. Mayor Duggan may not be perfect, but he's head and shoulders above Coleman in competence and he has an actual track record of accomplishments in improving the city.

Election Results Update: Duggan trounced Young 72% to 28%. That 28% of Detroit voters voted for Young is rather worrisome but at least 72% had enough sense to back the mayor who is actually doing good things for the city.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

We are having the same thing here in the ATL, I live outside the city(thank God), but there are 2 front runners for the democratic nomination for Mayor, no GOP allowed. Well both are female and one is white and the other is black and there has been robocalls telling the people in the city to "Keep the ATL Black", If it wasn't for double standards, there would be no standards with the democrats.

Old NFO said...

Haven't heard who won...

Aaron said...

MrGarabaldi: Yep its pretty darn blatant racism. Imagine if a white candidate said even half as much garbage.

OldNFO: Duggan won in a landslide: 72%-28%.