Thursday, November 16, 2017

So That's Why Clinton Allegations Are Resurfacing Now

The Detroit Free Press: Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump in 2020? Poll predicts winner

The Democrat establishment seems to be trying to clear away the obstacles, namely a very large one named Hillary Clinton, for Joe Biden to run as the Democrat establishment candidate in 2020.

If former Vice President Joe Biden is thinking about a run for president in 2020, there's reason to believe he could do well against President Donald Trump. On Wednesday, polling firm Morning Consult and the publication POLITICO put out a survey showing Biden leading Trump 46% to 35% in a hypothetical race between the two for president in 2020.

Of course whether the creepy Uncle Joe allegations slow down the Biden train, or his numerous gaffes. Biden's gaffes, even as the media will likely go full court-press to cover for him. are the gifts from the git that keep on giving.

Biden's latest but likely base-pleasing gaffe that the hero who stopped the church shooting using an AR15 should not have been allowed to have an AR15 will go over well with the anti-gun elites in the party. But, the gaffe likely cost him in the election as gun control and gun bans don't seem to be playing nor polling well.

Of course, these same polling organizations that claim Biden will win it in 2020 are the very same ones that proclaimed Hillary! was inevitably going to take it in a walk.

That didn't quite happen, and any proclamations of an inevitable Biden victory should be taken with a very large, gaffe and creepy crusted grain of salt.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

After the 2016 election, I really take any polling with a grain of salt...Many people will not tell pollsters what they are actually thinking. Same thing goes for people calling me up and asking about guns and do I own a gun and do I support gun control...First thing I say is "What gun...?" and it continues...people on the right side of the aisle don't trust strangers on telephones.

Aaron said...

Yes, the polls tend to be rather less than accurate as of late.