Saturday, November 18, 2017

Not Flying - Fog Is Not Your Friend

'Twas not an auspicious day for flying today.

It was not just low IFR, it was fogged in all the way down to the surface, and visibility was measured in feet not nautical miles. You practically needed an instrument rating just to drive to the airport. Certainly no flying was going to happen today in that.

Instead I attended a free and informative seminar at DCT Aviation on ATC and winter weather flying. While a lot of it was aimed at IFR pilots I certainly picked up lots of useful information.

The seminar was conducted by a gentleman in his 80s with about 30,000 plus hours of flying experience. In short, he may have forgotten more about flying than I know, and he hasn't forgotten much at all if anything.

Lots of useful tips for communication with ATC, including some scenarios I'd never even thought about, lots of info to make communications even better and more effective, and much that will help once I start doing IFR training.

Plenty of information on winter weather flying, much of which dealt with icing, which at my level means don't fly into icing conditions, period.

A very nice opportunity to learn more about flying, and time well spent.

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B said...

Rain here. Low ceilings, but no fog.

I didn't fly today either.