Thursday, November 09, 2017

PPO Fun in Court Today

Today was Personal Protection Order day in court.

Oftentimes and as was seen in court today, a Personal Protection Order is sought sometimes just because some people can't communicate effectively nor take "No" for an answer, or for some serious and actual threats or acts of violence. We got to see both examples while I was waiting for my client to be called.

We had EXs sparring over nasty emails sent to each other and the court told them to play nice or else but did not enter the PPO in that case.

We had a case where a dingbat separated from his wife broke down her door and punched a visitor at the house thinking he was involved with his ex, and yes a PPO was justly entered in that one.

My client had a higher end threat to deal with and quite the story to tell. You see, he was in a romantic relationship with a lady who apparently liked having ongoing multiple yet separate relationships with her being the part of multiple couples and couplings so to speak. He was ok with the non-exclusivity part yet it turned out another boyfriend, who we shall name Mongo for both his intellect and overall size, was not.

Said boyfriend Mongo gets liquored up one night, buys some knives and ammo and starts heading to my clients' place where he knows my client and the lady are located. Oh, and he was wearing a skull mask while driving there, and it sure wasn't Halloween.

Luckily for all concerned, Mongo was stopped by police on his way to carry out his plan and they have him clearly and cleanly for DUI....and then they find the knives and other accoutrements in the vehicle. The police, being rather perceptive police and on the ball after stopping a drunken masked man with knives and ammo, after Mirandizing him ask Mongo what that's all for.

Remember the line from Ron White that he had the right to remain silent but lacked the ability? If you haven't seen that clip, click and go forth and watch it, it is worth it.

Mongo sure lacked the ability.

At the roadside Mongo says he was heading over there to kill them. This definitely piques the police's interest. After further custodial interrogation and after he's Mirandized yet again Mongo again states he is heading over to kill them and doesn't care if he goes to jail. Mongo does not wax poetic on being a pawn in the game of life, Mongo instead wants to go kill people.

So why yes, he does go to jail.

Then he pleads guilty to two felonies, one of which is carrying a weapon with unlawful intent - said unlawful intent being to do in my client, and the DUI. But, Mongo gets time served while waiting to be sentenced, and is released on probation upon entry of his plea and is now out on the streets.

This makes my client a little concerned so we file a PPO and have the hearing today.

After making a record of the incident to the court and other procedural niceties, relaying the facts and circumstances and the very credible nature of the threats and subsequent felony convictions that arose from the incident, the court has no problem entering the PPO against Mongo.

I also advised my client that getting a firearm, a CPL and appropriate training would likely be a valuable option in case Mongo decides to get frisky again and shows up at his house to carry out his threat.


drjim said...

"You Can't Make This Stuff Up"......

Aaron said...

drjim: You really can't. Details in the police report were quite entertaining to read, especially the part they officer noted they needed two sets of cuffs to handcuff Mongo as a single set wouldn't fit....

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

You gave good advice on getting a firearm, and training and a CCW permit. Many lawyers don't and somehow expect that the PPO is a magic shield for their clients and somehow don't realize that if the person is inclined to lawlessness, the PPO don't mean squat.