Monday, November 20, 2017

The Overcivilization Of The American Male

My neighborhood, like many others, has a website forum where people ask various questions such as referrals for tradespeople and complaints about stuff, etc.

One message in this morning's digest had me shaking my head in disbelief:

Dead possum in backyard

We have a dead possum in our backyard in one of our bushes. Our dog has been going after it all day. Can anyone recommend someone who would be willing to dispose of it and remove it from our yard?

Thank you!

This was from a guy, no less.

That a modern male cannot handle the disposal of a dead possum in his own backyard is a pretty damning indictment of the lack of some very basic life skills for a modern male in today's society.

Pajama boy just doesn't do well outside his sheltered happy bubble especially if something as little as a dead possum is beyond his ken to handle.



B said...

THe term is "Pussification".....Kim DuToit coined it, I believe.

Many Many men from about 35 on down suffer from it. Some older too.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

The men unless they have strong dads will look for others to handle the deeds. He is taught to no longer be self sufficient and stand up and "Be a Man", but to look to others for help.

Flugelman said...

Not a recent phenomenon. Had a neighbor who made his living as a family counselor along with his wife. (Ex Catholic priest and nun.) He bragged about knocking the new car salesman down $200 off sticker on a new Olds. His wife knocked on another neighbor's door, asking if their hot water was out too. Clueless...

Aaron said...

B: Yes, I had Mr. DuToit's eloquent phrase in mind when I wrote the headline.

Mr. Garabaldi: That may be it, yet the inability to perform what is both an obvious and very simple task is rather stunning.

Flugelman: Yes some people really just don't seem to have a basic understanding of how things work and are supposed to work.

Murphy's Law said...

I'm both a real male AND a capitalist. I'd have gone over and removed it and charged him $50 for an "environmentally friendly disposal"...then chucked it into the nearest trash can and headed for the beer store with $50.