Saturday, July 01, 2017

Range Day - P30SK at 450

A very decent day today so far.

Worked out in the morning, then went and bought some new shoes to workout in as the previous pair is really ripping my feet up.

Then Abby and I headed to the range, stopping for lunch on the way.

It rained on and off but turned into a beautiful if hot day.

Abby had fun shooting the M&P .22 compact with Gemtech suppressor and merrily went about knocking down poppers and hitting paper with it. She enjoyed herself quite a lot.

After she had ran through all the 22lr ammunition I had on hand, she tried out the M&P 9mm full size and liked it well enough but she did like the 22 compact a fair bit more.

I was shooting the P30Sk - rapid, right hand only, left hand only decent practice after not being out at the range for awhile. 100 more rounds to make it 450 through the P30SK and no cleaning with one FTF (#22), not due to the firearm.

Now to do some work and then make dinner and then celebrate 150 years of our northern (and actually southern in Michigan) neighbor - Happy Canada Day.

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Murphy's Law said...

Happy Canada Day, eh! All you hosers that don't like Canada can just take off! Now have some poutine and all hail Justin Bieber, eh?