Thursday, July 06, 2017

Flying Lesson #136 - Lost And Found, Engine Out and On, and Steep Turns A Go Go

Beautiful day and calm variable winds at last.

Today I went up with Marcus, headed to the practice area and did steep turns.

Then we did multiple engine out emergency landings, working on descending from 3,000 feet and hitting the picked field successfully, not to mention picking a successful field and doing the full ABCDEs of emergencies. Finally getting decent at that after much trial and error. I daresay the poor engine was rather upset at being declared to have failed so many times.

Then after being turned around sufficiently doing all that, I was sufficiently disoriented to work on lost procedures.

First when climb up and look around, then if still not knowing where you are look for landmarks, which worked out ok.

Then I practiced more lost procedures by tuning in two VORs and triangulated my position nicely.

Then I got practice using the non-map page of the GPS to work on finding an airport by both the NRST function and by bearings using the CDI page, and I now have that down nicely and should have had it down before.

Then I got to figure out how to navigate back to Pontiac in a little haze and did so successfully.

1.5 and 1 landing.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Any day flying is a good day, almost like the range. and you sharped your skills every time you fly.

Murphy's Law said...

When I bought my plane, I flew it all the way from Mammoth Cave, KY back to Martinsburg, WV with a non-map GPS. That and a chart on your clipboard and you can go anywhere. Work that basic skill and you'll be rock solid no matter what happens. Now keep on keeping on, because you're almost there. You got this.

Aaron said...

It feels like a Sisyphean task that will never end at this point. Anyone with a modicum of sense would have said to hell with it by now. What that says about me, I'm not quite sure.