Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Flying Lesson #138 - Mock Checkride Is Mocking

For this lesson I did the pre-flight and after the run-up did a short field takeoff and headed to the northwest finding Linden by pilotage only - no map, just landmarks, in this case the handy railroad and water towers.

Winds were about 5 knots variable so not a big deal.

I then did a nice short field landing at Linden. Then it was a soft field takeoff and around the pattern for a soft field landing that I rejected and instead did a go-round as I was coming in too high and with too much power and decided not try try and force it in, which was a good decision. I went around and then did a nice soft field.

Then I did another soft field takeoff and did another soft field landing and off again for another short field landing.

Thence we headed out towards the east and I did some maneuvers and then climbed into a blue hole amongst the clouds, reaching 5,000 feet before the instructor yanked the throttle and i had to do an engine out procedure, did ok but have to work on holding best glide throughout. Then navigated my way back to Pontiac and did a nice soft field landing.

1.6 and 5 landings.

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