Monday, July 10, 2017

When The Left Eats Their Own, Toronto City Council Edition

A progressive Asian Toronto Councilwoman found out the hard way that she's not oppressed enough for Black Lives Matter to not be outraged at her attempt to create an "Intersectional Awareness Week" - Yes, really. The Toronto Star: Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam withdrawing ‘intersectional’ motion that clashed with Black activists: Paradkar

She was apparently unaware of the outrage such a suggestion of intersectionality would pose to Toronto BLM activits who apparently have trademarked oppression and no intersectionality need apply as their outrage must be in first place and will stop for no intersections.

She had to quickly kow-tow to the BLM activists and withdraw the motion.

It's certainly good that Toronto council has solved all the City's other problems (newsflash - it hasn't) so it has time to spare for this silliness and to pass a resolution requiring the city manager "to create an “Intersectional Gender-Based Framework to Assess Budgetary Impacts,” in next year’s budget". Expect the report to read "Women, minorities hardest hit".

Read the whole article as the follies and idiocies of the City Council of Canada's largest city. It appears the City Council has been taken over by a university gender studies department and seems to want to rule via jargon and appeasement of their progressive base, and it is indeed something to behold.

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MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Wait until identity groups clash, then you will see the hierarchy of progressive groups, I think the muslim groups are on tip of the pyramid. It is entertaining to watch. I like to quote Voltaire"To know know who rules you, whom can you not criticize."