Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Happy Independence Day!

So far Independence Day 2017 is going great.

After coffee I made breakfast for the family and taking a page from Tam's blog after wishing them Happy Independence Day had to ask the kids: "On a scale of one to bald eagle how American are you feeling today?" I got back two happy enthusiastic yells of "Bald Eagle!".
Kids raised right are a beautiful thing.

Thence to build a small bonfire in the fire pit with the kids help and make them smores, because 'Merica!

Then we grilled hot dogs over the fire in preparation for lunch and because you never waste a good bonfire.

Now to relax and enjoy the day.

The day shall end in fireworks, patriotism, and happiness.

Happy Independence Day to you and yours!

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Old NFO said...

And the same to you and yours, sir!