Monday, July 17, 2017

Kentucky Weekend

Kentucky is horse country.

Leah is big into horses.

This worked out rather fortuitously this last weekend was Breyerfest - a horse fair and model horse extravaganza.

It turns out Breyer model horses are a very big deal, with quite a following and they put on quite an event.

So we decided to take her to Breyerfest held at the Kentucky Horse park in Lexington.

We stayed at an AirBnB that was an actual horse farm and she was thrilled and many horses happily accepted carrots fed to them by hand.

However the trip down could have been smother.

First was construction in Toledo, next was an over hour delay due to an accident on I-75 further south in Ohio.

Next was construction right in Cincinnati right before the border with Kentucky.

Finally we saw this:

But only after we had lost over another hour in standstill traffic there. That made it a seven and a half hour trip which sucked mightily.

But we made it there and met up with Tom of Daddybear's Den and his family for dinner on Friday night at a nice BBQ restaurant they had recommended, and had a very nice time catching up and chatting. Great people.

After that we headed back to the horse farm, unpacked and made the beds and that was Friday.


Old NFO said...

Just don't get too attached to them, they are a 'tad' expensive to buy AND maintain...

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

You can check in owning shares of horses...kinda like can buy a percentage

Murphy's Law said...

Having watched you lose your mind in traffic almost every time you encounter someone who actually drives slower than you do, I'm thinking that would have been an epic ride.

Aaron said...

Old NFO - we'll keep on renting for her for now, she wants one but the expenses, as you say, are pretty crazy and I don't want to give her any ideas...

MrGarabaldi - Is that how you get 1/4 horsepower? Probably just keep her doing the renter/lesson thing for now.

ML - me lose my mind in traffic? - Were you looking in the mirror as you wrote that perchance? It was indeed epic.