Monday, February 13, 2017

What Is Going On With The Criminal Justice System And Carjackers In Detroit?

First, a carjacker of a 85-year-old lady gets three years - probation.

The Detroit News: Outraged chief: She's carjacked; man gets probation

Yep, if you're a habitual offender in Detroit, carjacking an elderly lady gets you probation.

On top of that a pair of carjackers get released from Federal prison and for whatever reason, alegedly due to the Wayne County prosecutor's office failing to file a detainer order, are not sent to State Prison for another car jacking but instead allowed to roam free. They're only picked up when the victim finds out about it and asks, quite reasonably, "wtf?"

The Detroit Free Press: Victim blindsided by justice system: Why were my carjackers set free?

Quite the examples of a revolving door justice system in a city that badly needs a locked door justice system to keep the criminals from the citizenry.

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