Tuesday, February 07, 2017

No They're Not Gun Advocates, They're Morons

Let's see how to even begin describing this example of sheer stupidity, that was almost permanently corrected.

In order to "exercise their rights", a dipstick wearing a ski-mask and sunglasses, body armor, and carrying a rifle across the front of his chest, followed by his buddy also armed and in body armor carrying a camera enter the Dearborn Police station to complain about a traffic ticket.

Yes, really.

The Detroit Free Press: Gun advocates arrested carrying rifle into Dearborn police station

Of course people with complaints about the police typically enter a police station wearing masks with body armor on and carry a rifle in an aggressive manner, right? Well no, no they actually don't and therein lies the problem.

Do watch the video embedded in the article - dipstick Baker starts off stating

"We're going to file a complaint because we were illegally pulled over," Baker says on the video. "We felt a little afraid we were pulled over, so we figured we better protect ourselves."

In other words they dressed and acted in a manner where they knowingly provoked a confrontation at the station, and they sure got one.

It ended luckily enough for them, without either James Baker nor Brandon Vreeland getting shot but both are now facing a bounty of misdemeanor charges. Interestingly enough, they kill the video part way into it leaving only the audio, which makes one wonder what was on the video of the disruptive duo for that portion of the encounter.

Michigan Open Carry was quick and correct to state that they do not support these kinds of shenanigans. Actions like this are likely to get legislators to end open carry and hose law-abiding gun owners due to morons like these fellows.


drjim said...

"Morons" is being kind to them.....

Murphy's Law said...

Cue legislation to "close open-carry loophole" and bar civilian ownership of body armor in three...two...one...

And it will be due to these two jugheads.

Aaron said...

drjim: Yep, this is a relatively family-friendly blog so I couldn't quite coney the full description of them as would be otherwise appropriate.

Murphy's Law: Yep stupidity costs but these idiots are going to make others pay the price for their abject stupidity.