Monday, February 06, 2017

Your Quick Legal Tip of The Day

Your quick legal tip of the day: Coming to court reeking of marijuana so the whole courtroom can smell it -- for a hearing for your violation of probation for drug use does not endear you to the court.

Yep this very morning in court, sumdood himself showed up for his probation violation just reeking of it. The judge pointed that out and it went rather downhill for him from there.

Apparently he was a little hazy on marijuana being a prohibited substance and was rather proud he had switched from heroin to marijuana. Yes, really.

The judge was not amused.


ProudHillbilly said...

Remember hearing a story about a guy who was busted when coke was found in his jacket pocket. Appeared in court wearing the same jacket and enthusiastically pressed the judge to check him out - he couldn't possibly have been carrying coke in that jacket. I guess the judge was bored because he conceeded to searching the guy's jacket. And found coke. Court was adjourned until the judge could stop laughing.

Murphy's Law said...

I remember a guy in court on a prostitution pandering case who came to court wearing a T-shirt that said "It's all about da' HOs!"in huge font. Judge Diaz blew his stack and stepped him back for contempt on the spot.