Thursday, February 23, 2017

2017 Daddy Daughter Dance

Our Town hosts a Daddy Daughter dance pretty much annually and we decided to go this year and last night was the night.

This year was a tad different as Abby decided she didn't want to go. 13 and too cool for it, I suppose. Ah, well, they are growing up fast.

So it was just Leah and me for the night out.

I got her a corsage for the special occasion and off we went dressed in our best. On receiving the corsage she pronounced it to be "All that and a bag of chips!", which means she was very happy with it.

We did the obligatory picture after entering the Country Club where it was being hosted and then got to a table. On heading over to the dinner line we ran into a friend of hers and her dad and invited them to sit with us. A few other Dads and daughters also sat at our table and we had quite a range in ages from I'd guess 4 up to 10.

Dinner was very nice with picks of salads and hot dishes including a meat serving table with slices cut as you waited. Good stuff, and chocolate cake to finish it off.

Then there was plenty of dancing.

For slow dances, apparently Leah and kids her age as she wasn't the only one have a concept that standing on their father's shoes while slow dancing is mandatory and how it is supposed to be done. Me and my aching toes.

After a number of dances it was time to head back home to get her enough sleep to be ready for school today.

A very nice event with everyone having a good time and another moment to treasure and remember.

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