Thursday, March 24, 2016

The First Rule of Michigan Politics: Always Reinforce Failure

The Detroit News: Mich. Senate OKs emergency aid for DPS

After decades of Democrat domination dooming Detroit's educational domain, it's again up to the grown ups, namely the Republicans at the state level to again bail out the system using state-wide taxpayer's money for their malfeasance.

This $47 million is just the tip of the iceberg for the Detroit education system bailout - think hundreds of millions being stripped from functioning non-Detroit school systems around the state to bail out the over $715 million in debt dysfunctional Detroit system.

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Eaton Rapids Joe said...

In "real life" you quickly learn to bring a solution in your left hand if you are presenting a problem with your right.

I suggest incentives: Parents who are receiving any form of aid from the state should have a significant portion be "at risk". For example, 30% of their aid could be contingent on their children ATTENDING school, learning the material that is assigned (i.e., passing the classes) and performance on standardized tests.

Parents who do not pass some reasonable benchmark for attendance would forego 10% of their aid. To me, a reasonable benchmark is 85% attendance...maximum of three allowable absences per month.

An additional 10% would be contingent on the child passing every class. Social promotions do not count.

The final 10% would be contingent on their children scoring at least "Partially Proficient" in all subjects.

Based on the envy they demonstrate toward successful people, people like CEOs and sports stars, I would expect them to JUMP at a chance to participate in a compensation scheme similar to what they must labor under.