Monday, March 14, 2016

Destination NOLA By Way Of WV

Since Op Sec on Operation Move Murph N' Mutts has been formally blown, I can finally comment on it here.

Yes, I will be heading to WV to help him get to New Orleans on time. Prayers are appreciated in advance.

Mainly I'm there to keep him on course and get him back on track every time he says "Hey look, squirrel!". Otherwise, we're going to end up hitting every museum, historical site, and dive bar on the way down. Not that that is bad mind you, but he needs to get there on time. Oh, yeah I'm helping to pack and unpack as well.

Thankfully, we will be staying at a secure and gracious location on the way down. Friends are good to have.

Yes, I will bring my infernal naviguessing device to make sure we get there. My bet is he's forgotten to put the maps in the vehicle so we're going to rely on tech to the routing rescue.

I'm currently trying to slam a week of work into two days so I can make this happen, so it's a little hectic right now.

Expect updates on the progress of Operation Move Murph N' Mutts as we go.


ProudHillbilly said...

Prepare for yelling and arm waving...

Aaron said...

Yep, it's gonna be interesting. It's will also likely be either entertaining or frightening, or both.

Unknown said...

You might want to check your Blogs Worth Reading links.
I clicked on The Volokh Conspiracy link and was sent to

Aaron said...

Alan: yes it's a weird feed. You have to click on their article name rather than the blog name to get to it. Apparently it's a Washington Post feed issue.

Keads said...

I'm scared to death myself =0 Seriously, stay safe and see you soon. I apologize in advance for the sparse accommodations. Hey, free Wi-Fi!