Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Some Light Civic Duty Done

Just got back from voting after work. Michigan had its primary today for this year's Presidential Race and Clown Show.

Not a huge turnout nor long lines at the precinct, and rather well organized if a bit slow to process people through.

Interestingly enough there were more Republican ballots (about 1600) being used than Democrats (about 1080 based on the ballot stub numbers) and this in quite a Democrat area.

It'll be interesting to see how many of those were cross-overs bent on playing in the Republican primary or if e really did get a larger Republican-leaning turnout.

Hopefully my guy wins, and now we'll wait and see what the results will be.


Murphy's Law said...

Your guy? Bernie Sanders?

Aaron said...

Sorry Murph, I just couldn't vote for your gal Hillary.

Nor for Sanders for that matter either.....

Murphy's Law said...

Hey, Hillary is a ball of fire in the sack. Janet Reno said so.

jon spencer said...

Thanks Murphy, now I have to wash my eyes with bleach.