Friday, March 04, 2016

Ben Carson Bows Out

Dr. Ben Carson did both the smart and honorable thing by bowing out of the race (or is it a clown show? Frankly this year I'm not sure which) for President.

While Ben Carson is a very smart, if not in fact brilliant man, he lacked any political experience, and a lack of national name recognition whatsoever before throwing his hat in the ring and running for President. Some political experience and seasoning is badly needed and there is a chance that he can get some.

There's an effort to draft him to run for Senator in Michigan. From Right MI.

Considering the Michigan Republicans have been running completely lackluster candidates and campaigns for the Michigan US Senate seats since Spencer Abraham was senator in 2001 and haven't had a Republican senator since, we certainty wouldn't do any worse if Dr. Carson ran. He has a chance to peel off some of the solid blue Detroit electorate with his rather compelling story and oratory, not to mention his roots in Detroit.

I would happily endorse an effort for Dr. Carson to run for this year's contested US Senate seat for Michigan.

We certainly could put up worse candidates for the seat, and probably will.


Old NFO said...

He'd make a helluva good Senator, IMHO.

Scott said...

But doesn't he live in Florida? Carson would certainly be better than either of our current Senators, but I didn't like that Hillary went to NY to become Senator, and I wouldn't like it if Carson came here to do the same. At least without living here for a couple of years.

Aaron said...

OldNFO: I'd think so as well. It would likely add some stature and give him some more exposure and opportunity to establish himself.

Scott: He very well might, but his hometown is Detroit, spent years here growing up, and he has long-standing ties here, unlike Hillary and New York.